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give me a shard of moonlight to light my way.

A collection of icons, graphics, writing and translations

pixelated. lives
Snail mail me your hopes and dreams,
I'll tape them to the fly whisk creams.
The rain in summer glows bright green
And words and rivers sink in streams.

♥ over the hills and far away

This is an icon/graphics/writing/translations journal where I post all my work. Mostly stuff from fandoms and maybe some fiction. Of recent, however, it has become a home for all my personal wins and losses, rants and memories.

♥ -----Icons/Graphics------ ♥

[] Please credit when you use any of my stuff.
[] No editing of icons. Bases are fine if I specify so.
[] Keep the comments coming! All comments are loved because they let me know what you think and how I can improve. Be generous with them.

♥ -----Translations---- ♥

I have a special liking for Arashi and Matsujun, so I tend to focus on their magazine translations. Please link back to me if you want to share my translations of magazines elsewhere. Rather than re-posting the entire thing, small snippets would be better. ^____^

♥ -----Fansubs---- ♥

I'm a translator at @deep! FANSUBS. If you happened across my earlier fansub posts for @deep! and want to share the love with other people please link back to atdeepsubs, our "official" home. Check there for updates! (We're currently on hiatus but we might return to the subbing scene in future.)

atdeepsubsMy Japanese blog
♥ Pretty!! header "I won't eat that" by Myrntai
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I would love to have more buddies so talk to me anytime! Just send me a message or PM me ^_____^

magazine translations are love
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And thanks to refuted for her wonderful layout!
Icon credit goes to: spiderlin and wendleberry